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We warmly welcome individuals and organizations to become part of our community through various avenues of involvement. Whether you are interested in volunteering, partnering with us, sponsoring our initiatives, or joining us as an intern, your contribution is vital to our mission.
Peace Islands Institute


Our internship program provides a unique opportunity for individuals to gain practical experience, develop essential skills, and contribute to impactful projects within our organization. As an intern, you will be immersed in a supportive and collaborative environment, guided by experienced professionals dedicated to your growth and development.
Peace Islands Institute


As a volunteer, you can make a significant difference in promoting peace and dialogue. Join our passionate team, collaborate on impactful projects, and grow personally and professionally. Choose from a wide range of opportunities aligned with your interests and expertise. Gain valuable skills, connections, and fulfillment while making a positive change in society.
Peace Islands Institute


Your sponsorship is crucial in supporting our mission of peace, interfaith dialogue, and community engagement. You can make a lasting impact and contribute to positive change. We offer a range of sponsorship options that can be customized to align with your goals and values. As a sponsor, you gain visibility and recognition, reaching a diverse audience through our website, social media channels, and event materials.
Peace Islands Institute


By joining forces with PII, you gain access to a network of like-minded individuals and organizations dedicated to building a more peaceful and inclusive world. Together, we can work towards common goals. Whether you are a business, educational institution, community group, or nonprofit organization, we welcome partnerships that align with our mission of peace, interfaith dialogue, and social justice.

Become an Intern

Let's organize events on many topics such as peace, love, equality and humanity!

Become a Volunteer

Let's organize events on many topics such as peace, love, equality and humanity!

Become a Partner

Let's organize events together, develop projects and promote peace more strongly.

Become a Sponsor

With your support, we can organize bigger programs where we reach more people!

Our Goals

  • To develop original and alternative perspectives on global and social issues as they relate to our lives, as well as present explanations and solutions.
  • Support successful practices in peace building.
  • Build relationships among diverse cultures and traditions.
  • Unite different point of views on common global issues.
  • Provide educational platforms for global and social challenges.
  • Encourage people to actively engage in solving social and global problems of humanity.
  • Encourage business owners to be part of a philanthropic economy to end problems like poverty and hunger.
  • Provide an atmosphere of peace and understanding for all people, regardless of race and cultural tradition.
  • Prepare annual reports for both non-govermental agencies (NGOs) and governmental agencies on social issues

Join us and see how peace and love change humanity!