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Bike and Walk Event

Pedal for Peace – Bike and Walk Event

Pedal for Peace!

We are coming together at Saddle River Park on September 10 at 9 am for the Bike and Walk program we organize every year! Free snacks and activities await you at the event, which hosts over 100 participants every year. You can RSVP to join the event here.

The “Bike and Walk” program is Peace Islands Institute’s annual celebration of International Peace Day. Consistent with Pll’s (Peace Islands Institute) mission of promoting pluralism and connecting people of different cultures and religions, the Bike and Hike program aims to bring people from all walks of life together to promote peace and dialogue. Bike and Walk is a casual biking and hiking event that celebrates the harmony of our diverse community at large in NJ where participants are welcome to join with their family and friends. This program includes an hour-long program with opening and closing remarks by our officials and community leaders.

Date: September 10, 2022 at 9:30 AM
Venue: 760 Saddle River Road, Saddle Brook, NJ, 07663

9:30   Registration
10:00  Welcoming
10:15  Bike and Hike program starts
11:00  Music Performance and Snacks
12:00  Closing

In Partnership with Embrace Relief and Sweatcoin!

It is exciting for us to come together with thousands of people from all over the world with SweatCoin, as well as physical participants at this event. Thanks to Embrace Relief and Sweatcoin who collaborated on our campaign!

What is the “Bike and Walk” Program?

Peace Islands Institute (PII) is organizing an event on September 10th in observance of International Peace Day.Pedal for Peace’ is a casual bike and walk event that celebrates the harmonious diverse setting of our community at large in NJ by bringing people together to promote peace, dialogue, and friendship where participants are welcomed to join with their family and friends for half an hour of biking and walking as well as live stage performances and remarks by our officials and community leaders.

The International Peace Day is observed around the world each year on September 21th. Established by the United Nations in 1981, International Peace Day is dedicated to world peace and specifically the sustainable absence of war and violence. The 2022 theme for the International Day of Peace is “End racism. Build peace.” A world where compassion and empathy overcome suspicion and hatred. A world that we can truly be proud of.

About Peace Islands Institute (PII):

Peace Islands Institute (PII) has been actively serving to promote peace, dialogue, friendship, integrity, mutual understanding, and respect against the social problems of our communities such as hate, racism, xenophobia, ignorance, and many other issues since its establishment by organizing educational, interfaith, intercultural programs, panels/luncheons, art and essay contest and relief efforts.

PII envisions a world becoming an island of peace in the ocean of our universe; a community in which people from all walks of life interact with each other and cooperate to serve their communities, thereby strengthening civil society and promoting the development of human values.

What are the goals of this event?

• Bring our community together in a family-friendly, hospitable, and safe setting to promote togetherness and conversation.

Foster conversation and discourse to start, rekindle, and continue friendships and peace.

• Recognize International Peace Day and celebrate its ideals of promoting peace and unity across the world.

• Encourage community members to come out and participate in healthy and enjoyable group activities.

About the International Peace Day

International Peace Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly on September 21, 1981. The day’s purpose is to provide an international date for everyone to commit to peace and to contribute to building a culture of peace, regardless of the differences we have.

The theme of International Peace Day in 2022 is ‘End Racism. Build Peace’. The United Nations state that this is a date dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace through a nonviolent period of a 24 hour long ceasefire. The United Nations also addresses hate speech and violence directed at racial minorities. They speak out against hate speech and promote a message of anti-racism through education.


Sep 10 2022


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