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We Celebrated Women History Month Together!

We Celebrated Women History Month Together!

PII celebrated Women’s History Month with its valuable guests! We held our event on Saturday, March 19, with Around 45 distinguished guests. We were honored to host Bergen county comissioners; Mary Amoroso, Germaine M. Ortiz as guest speakers amongst many others. During the event the role of women in different areas were discussed. We honored the women heroes as frontline in many different fields. A video was presented of the interviews we had with them from last year.

Women History Month Celebration Luncheon

I know it is not easy at all, but a woman can do everything, for example; while I take care of my children, I also attend meetings, on the other hand 4 of the 7 members of the board of commissioner are women.

  • Germaine M. Ortiz

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