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4TH Annual Bike & Walk! Pedal for Peace

4TH Annual Bike & Walk! Pedal for Peace

Peace Islands Institute (PII) is organizing an event on September 23rd in observance of International Peace Day. “Pedal for Peace” is a casual bike and walk event that celebrates the harmonious diverse setting of our community at large in NJ bringing people together to promote peace, dialogue, and friendship where participants are welcomed to join with their family and friends for forty-five minutes of biking and walking as well as live stage performances, food, and even a raffle!

International Peace Day is observed around the world each year on September 21st. Established by the United Nations in 1981, International Peace Day is dedicated to world peace and specifically the sustainable absence of war and violence. The 2023 theme for International Peace Day is “Actions for Peace: Our ambition for the #GlobalGoals. A world where we individually and collectively help to foster peace. A world in which we can truly be at peace.

Find out how you can become a sponsor/partner for Bike & Walk’23!

Are you looking for a meaningful way to contribute to the promotion of peace, well-being, and sustainable global goals? Look no further! The “Bike & Walk’23” event organized by Peace Islands Institute presents a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations, and businesses to make a positive impact and be part of a transformative movement. Here are compelling reasons why attending, sponsoring, and partnering with “Bike & Walk’23” is a decision you won’t want to miss:

  • Fostering Community Unity: “Bike & Walk’23” brings together people from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of community, dialogue, and friendship. It’s a chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share a common commitment to promoting peace and sustainable development.
  • Promoting Physical Well-Being: By participating in the casual bike and walk event, attendees can enjoy 45 minutes of physical activity. Promoting health and well-being is not only beneficial for individuals but also aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, creating a healthier and more prosperous world.
  • Supporting a Meaningful Cause: International Peace Day on September 21st is dedicated to world peace and the absence of violence. By attending “Bike & Walk’23,” you’ll be joining hands with thousands of others who are taking action for peace and supporting this vital cause.
  • Showcasing Your Initiatives: As an attendee, sponsor, or partner, you’ll have a platform to showcase your organization’s initiatives to a diverse audience. This event provides excellent visibility and exposure for your brand or cause.
  • Connecting with Like-Minded Organizations: The “Bike & Walk’23” event attracts participants from various organizations and businesses. It’s an opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded entities, forming valuable partnerships for future endeavors.
  • Amplifying Your Message: Your participation in “Bike & Walk’23” will not only benefit your organization but also send a powerful message to your audience about your commitment to peace, community engagement, and sustainability.
  • Social Media Promotion: As a sponsor or partner, your brand will be featured on Peace Islands Institute’s official channels, gaining visibility among its followers and supporters.
  • In-Kind Support: Sponsoring the event with goods, services, or resources as in-kind support allows you to contribute to the overall event experience while showcasing your organization’s generosity and commitment to peace.
  • Positive Brand Association: By aligning your organization with a peace-promoting event like “Bike & Walk’23,” you create a positive brand association, demonstrating to your customers and stakeholders that you are committed to making a difference.
  • Engaging Your Team: Encouraging your employees to participate in the event as volunteers fosters team building, boosts morale, and creates a sense of pride in contributing to a worthy cause.
  • Enhancing Event Quality: Collaborating on event programming, workshops, or panels with your organization’s expertise can enhance the overall event experience and attract a more diverse audience.
  • Contributing to a Brighter Future: “Bike & Walk’23” is more than just an event; it is a call to action for a more peaceful and sustainable world. By attending, sponsoring, or partnering, you are taking meaningful steps towards creating a brighter future for all.

The “Bike & Walk’23” event organized by Peace Islands Institute offers an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the world. By attending, sponsoring, or partnering, you join a movement for peace, well-being, and sustainable global goals. Let us come together on September 30, 2023, at 760 Saddle River Rd., Saddle Brook, NJ, and pedal and walk together towards a better, more harmonious world.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities or to become a partner, please email us at We look forward to your participation and involvement in “Bike & Walk’23.” Together, we can make a difference.

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