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International Festival of Language and Culture 2022!

International Festival of Language and Culture 2022!

Came together to celebrate and understand different cultures at IFLC 2022 on October 16. More than 160 nations coming together, celebrating the 20th anniversary of this wonderful festival.

Some distinguished individuals who joined us on this day were famous NBA player Enes Kanter, president of IFLC Emre Celik, New Jersey state senator Gordon Johnson, as well as many others. The story that was explained to the crowd was about the breaking points experienced in a cycle, “The Rise of the Light”, through music, words, dances, art, history, and drama. Multiple performances took place representing multiple countries to help understand traditions and cultures through art.

What is IFLC?

IFLC is a premier organization for promoting world languages and cultures. It’s dedicated to cultivating artistic self-expression among youth and creating a platform from them to share their cultural heritage with peers around the world.

The International Festival of Language & Culture (IFLC) is an annual celebration of language diversity that showcases talent from across the globe. The IFLC first started in 2003 with only 17 countries participating. As of today, over 2000 performers and production members from more than 160 nations have taken part in our events.

Onstage, young students offer songs, dances and inspiring storytelling around themes of compassion, respect and mutual understanding. Offstage, in every city we visit, our performers enjoy opportunities to engage with members of the local community, explore unique educational experiences and build lasting friendships. It’s the IFLC way of raising hopes for world peace.

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